Professor Magnus Rattray

Director of the Data Science Institute

Magnus is the Director of the Data Science Institute and a Professor of Computational & Systems Biology in the Division of Informatics, Imaging & Data Science. He works on probabilistic modelling and Bayesian methodology with applications involving large-scale data from high-throughout molecular biology assays. His research group are developing and applying novel statistical methods for the analysis of these data sets. 

His group works on how to learn models and make inferences given evidence from high-throughput biological datasets. The models that are developed range from mechanistic differential equation models of the cell to more abstract probabilistic latent variable models that can be used uncover interesting structure in high-dimensional data. They are particularly interested in hybrid models that combine aspects of mechanistic and probabilistic models.

They are applying their methods to infer gene regulatory networks from time-series mRNA expression and DNA-protein binding data, to uncover changes in the transcriptome from RNA-Seq datasets, and to develop novel inference algorithms for time-series data analysis and systems biology modelling.