Professor Nicholas Higham

Richardson Professor of Applied Mathematics

Nick Higham is Richardson Professor of Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester. His degrees (BA 1982, MSc 1983, PhD 1985) are from the University of Manchester, and he has held visiting positions at Cornell University and the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Minnesota. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2007, is a SIAM Fellow, and held a Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award (2003-2008).

Nick is best known for his work on the accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms. He has more than 130 refereed publications on topics such as rounding error analysis, linear systems, least squares problems, matrix functions and nonlinear matrix equations, condition number estimation, and generalized eigenvalue problems. He has contributed software to LAPACK and the NAG library, and has contributed code included in the MATLAB distribution.

Nick is an investigator on the 5-year £3M EPSRC-funded project "Inference, Computation and Numerics for Insights into Cities" (ICONIC,, which is developing theory, methodology, and algorithms to propagate uncertainty in mathematical models of socio-economic phenomena in future cities.  He also recently held a 2M euro ERC Advanced grant on matrix functions.