Management Board

Staff from across the University are involved in data science related roles and projects. The Data Science Institute Management Board comprises members from all faculties and acts as anĀ operationalĀ group for the day to day running of the Institute.


Prof Magnus Rattray

Director of the Data Science Institute

Magnus is a Professor of Computational & Systems Biology in the Division of Informatics, Imaging & Data Science.

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Prof Sophia Ananiadou

Deputy-Director of the Data Science Institute

Sophia is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and the Director of The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM).

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Dr Guyda Armstrong

Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies

Guyda is the Academic lead for Digital Humanities for the Faculty of Humanities & Senior Lecturer in Italian.

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Carmel Dickinson

Carmel Dickinson

Programme Manager at Digital Futures

Carmel is Programme Manager for Manchester Informatics: The University of Manchester's cross-cutting interdisciplinary digital research institute.

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mark elliot

Prof Mark Elliot

Professor of Data Science

Mark is a Professor of Data Science in the School of Social Sciences.

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robert haines

Robert Haines

Head of Research Software Engineering and Application Support

Robert is a Research Software Engineer Manager in the research IT department & Honorary Lecturer in the School of Computer Science.

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julia handl.jpg (1)

Dr Julia Handl

Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences

Julia is a lecturer in the Decision and Cognitive Sciences Group in the Alliance Manchester Business School.

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Dr Thomas House

Reader in the School of Mathematics

Thomas is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematics.

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Niels Peek

Prof Niels Peek

Professor of Health Informatics

Niels is a Professor of Health Informatics at the MRC Health eResearch Centre for North England. His background is in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr David Topping

Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Atmospheric Science

David is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Earth & Environmental sciences. His research focuses on building computational models of atmospheric aerosol particles in relation to climate change.

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Dr Hui Guo

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

Hui is a Lecturer in Biostatistics at the Centre for Biostatistics.

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richard.png (1)

Prof Richard Kingston

Professor of Urban Planning and GISc

Richard is a Professor in Urban Planning and Smart Cities, and is Head of Planning and Environmental Management.

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Caroline Jay.jpg (1)

Dr Caroline Jay

Reader in Empirically Sound Software Engineering

Caroline is a Senior Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering in the School of Computer Science. She is qualified as both a Psychologist (BA, CPsychol) and Computer Scientist (MSc, PhD).

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Dr Andrew Pilkington

Professor of Particle Physics

Andrew is a particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. He hold a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the University.

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Prof Korbinian Strimmer

Chair in Statistics

Korbinian is a Professor in Statistics at the University of Manchester. He is interested in statistical and machine learning methodology for biomedical data science and how novel ....

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