Data Science in Cyber- Security and Related Statistical Challenges

Speaker: Nicholas Heard (Imperial College London) 

Date: April 10th 2018

The Data Science Institute was pleased to welcome Nicholas Heard from Imperial College London who presented 'Data Science In Cyber-Security and Related Statistical Challenges.'

Abstract: Data science techniques have an important role to play in the next generation of cyber-security defences. Inside a typical enterprise computer network, a number of high-volume data sources are available which could enable the discovery and prevention of cyber-attacks and any other nefarious network activity. At Imperial, our interests are in developing statistical, probability model-based techniques for identifying subtle intrusion attempts using these data sources.

This talk will present two examples in anomaly detection, analysing authentication logs and network flow records. Relatively simple statistical models will be considered in both cases; the methodological focus will be placed on combining weak signals and reducing false positive detections in changepoint analysis.