Machine Learning with IBM Seminar

Date: 18th July 2017

Speaker: Dr Ed Pyzer-Knapp (IBM)

More than 90 delegates attended the Data Science Institute's last Advanced Data Analytics Seminar of the academic year. Dr Ed Pyzer-Knapp from IBM Research UK discussed the recent developments made by IBM in the area of Machine Learning. Building upon IBM's research breakthroughs, Dr Pyzer-Knapp also outlined IBM's aims for future achievements. 

IBM's previous achievements have had an enormous impact on the technology revolutions that have shaped our world; From landing the first astronauts on the moon, the discovery of fractals, laser surgery technology, building the first cognitive system and winning the Jeopardy! competition.

Dy Pyzer-Knapp discussed IBM's role in an exciting new era of computing – the cognitive era.  Ed also covered IBM's work on cognitive machines that are capable of ingesting vast quantities of data and discovering trends and patterns which have eluded human inspection; driving both innovation and understanding. Bayesian optimization offers an exciting avenue to achieve this, and Ed shared details on their developments and applications of this area.

Thanks Dr Pyzer-Knapp for an excellent seminar, and also to all those who attended.