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seminar april 10

Data Science in Cyber- Security and Related Statistical Challenges

The Data Science Institute was pleased to welcome Nicholas Heard from Imperial College London who presented 'Data Science In Cyber-Security and Related Statistical Challenges.' Abstract: Data science

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seminar march 29

AI-Driven Healthcare Systems

The Data Science Institute would like to thank Professor David Clifton, who presented 'AI Driven Healthcare Systems' to a cross-disciplinary audience from across the University. Abstract: Intelligent

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Stochastic Modelling of Urban Structure

The Data Science Institute would like to thank Professor Mark Girolami from Imperial College London to present as part of our Advanced Data Analytics Seminar Series. On 20th March, Professor Girolami will present "Stochastic Modelling of Urban Structure."

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Many-Body Coarse-Grained Interactions Using Gaussian Approximation Potentials

Many thanks to ST John from who gave an excellent presentation "“Many-body coarse grained interactions using Gaussian approximation

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Data-Efficient Learning for Autonomous Robots

Many thanks to Dr Marc Deisenroth (Imperial College London) who presented 'Data-Efficient Learning for Autonomous Robots' Abstract: Trial-and-error based reinforcement learning (RL) has seen rapid advancements in recent times, especially with the advent of deep neural networks. However, the majority…

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dr sara wade

Adaptive Truncations of a Bayesian Regression Model for a Study of Fertility and Partnership Patterns of Colombian Women

The Data Science Institute would like to thank Dr Sara Wade for an excellent presentation on 'Adaptive truncation of a Bayesian nonparametric multivariate regression model for a study of fertility and

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