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pete edwards dsi seminar

Are Supervised Learning Algorithims The Key To A Paradigm Shift In The Way We Measure Air Pollution?

Thanks to Dr Pete Edwards from the University of York for his presentation on 14th November 2017 'Are supervised learning algorithims the key to a paradigm shift in the way we measure air pollution?'

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suzy moat

Sensing Human Behaviour with On-line data

On 17th October 2017, the Data Science Institute was delighted to welcome Dr Suzy Moat to present 'Sensing human behaviour with on-line data.' Abstract: Our everyday usage of the Internet generates huge amounts of data on how humans collect and exchange information worldwide. In this talk, Suzy will…

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Machine Learning with IBM Seminar

More than 90 delegates attended the Data Science Institute's last Advanced Data Analytics Seminar of the academic year. Dr Ed Pyzer-Knapp from IBM Research UK discussed the recent developments made by

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VOSON Lab Overview & Researching Politically-oriented Conversations on Twitter

On 3rd July 2017, the Data Science Institute welcomed Associate Professor Robert Ackland from the Australian National University. Professor Ackland gave an excellent presentation entitled 'VOSON Lab O

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Network Science For Online Social Media: An X-Ray or a Stethoscope For Society?

On 21st March 2017, the Data Science Institute welcomed Dr Mariano Beguerisse from the University of Oxford to present 'Network science for online social media: an x-ray or a stethoscope for society?'. Dr Beguerisse discussed the abundance of data from social media outlets such as Twitter, and the…

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Large Scale Analysis of Media Content (Twitter, News & Historical Newspapers)

Prof Nello Cristianini from the University of Bristol presented an excellent seminar on 'Large Scale Analysis of Media Content (Twitter, News and Historical Newspapers)'.Nello presented recent work in the area of media content analysis, its big-data origins, and its applications to social science…

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