Dr. Nik Lomax: Putting demographics at the heart of planning

Speaker: Dr. Nik Lomax (University of Leeds)

Title: Putting demographics at the heart of planning


People and households drive demand for infrastructure and services. However the estimation of current distributions and projection in to the future, especially where different scenarios need to be explored, isn’t always given prominence. This talk makes a case for putting demographics at the heart of any project where infrastructure and service demand is the outcome of interest. I draw on a Turing project which focuses on microsimulation techniques for estimating this demand as well as applied applications related to physical infrastructure, estimation of consumer expenditure and public health.


Nik Lomax is Associate Professor of Data Analytics for Population Research. He is a Fellow at the Turing Institute for data science and artificial intelligence and co-Director of the ESRC funded Consumer Data Research Centre. His research utilises existing and emerging data to produce high resolution estimates and projection of population and demographic characteristics.