Data Science Club 17/03/16

17th March 2016 

Co-Lab, Kilburn Building

Following on from excellent feedback from January’s event, researchers were once again invited to give a “lightning presentation” highlighting a data problem, solution, tool or database challenge. There were also updates on the Triangulum “smart city” project as well as discussions on data science training requirements and opportunities.


Triangulum "Data From The Estate & The City"*– Prof Ian Cotton, Director, Manchester Energy
R users club Dr Ralf Becker, Economics
Lightning talk presentations

Zac Baker - "DataViewer: Exploratory data analysis and visualisation for multivariate datasets"

Matt Sperrin - "Informative measurement process in routinely collected health data"

Omar Costilla Reyes - “Pattern recognition in gait activities using a floor sensor system”

Chiara Zuanni - "Understanding public perceptions through social media analysis"

Discussion and coffee  
Data Science Training Aleksandra Pawlik
Help decide the UoM geo-technology infrastructure Kamie Kitmitto, Research IT
Future plans  

*Data From The Estate & The City

Ian Cotton is the University Academic Lead for Sustainability. Making efforts to engage students with real-world challenges regarding the University estate and the wider City, he is working to expose data from a range of sources to students and staff for teaching / research purposes. Ian will present an overview of the data that is being gathered from the estate/city and pose challenges on the use of the data.