Data Science Club 19/05/16

19th May 2016

Kanaris Lecture Theatre 

This meeting featured a Big Data “show and tell” from colleagues at the University of Sheffield particularly focusing on their recent experiences of using Jupyter lab notebooks and Sagemath Cloud.  There were several presentations from University of Manchester staff and researchers looking at the use of Jupyter here in Manchester, the announcement of the new Manchester big-data processing platform and much more.

Mike Croucher

EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow, University of Sheffield                                                      

Title – Open Data Science at University of Sheffield

Abstract – I'll introduce The University of Sheffield's Open Data Science Initiative and how it interacts with the academic and research software engineering communities before focusing on our work with Project Jupyter and SageMathCloud in teaching and research.

Syed Murtuza Baker

Research Associate, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester

Title – Jupyter for Next-generation sequencing data

Abstract – The talk would be on how to process Next generation sequencing data. Here I will be showing how to pre-process the next generation sequencing data for eg. RNA sequencing data in order to prepare it for the downstream analysis. I would mainly focus on one of the exciting recent technologies where RNA sequence from a single cell of a human or mouse is collected and analyzed.

Simon Hood

Infrastructure Manager, Research IT, University of Manchester

Title – Big data compute and storage at UOM

Abstract – Introducing Research IT's big-data processing platform the DPSF.  Find out how it will benefit researchers at the university and how you can gain access to this new resource with nearly 900 TB fast local scratch, over 50 * 16-core compute nodes, mostly with 512 GB RAM, and dedicated networking to 100s of TB of resilient/backed-up storage. 

Julia Handl

Lecturer in Decision Sciences, Alliance Manchester Business School

Title – The Big Data Forum at Alliance MBS and how to get involved

Abstract – I will introduce the Big Data Forum at Alliance Manchester Business School, describe some of our ongoing pilot research projects, and highlight future opportunities to become involved.

Kamie Kitmitto

Research IT, University of Manchester

Title – Invitation to participate in a Visualisation and Analytics Software for adoption

Abstract – Visualisation and Analytics are at the forefront of understanding of data and the communication of research finding to others. We will be evaluating a set of four leading software to see how they perform for our varied needs. We will be selecting one to invest in building the university expertise. Not only you will visualise your data and help the university but you may win a cash prize.