MSc Advanced Computer Science

Efficient management of data and knowledge are key factors not only to the success of almost any enterprise, but also to the successful handling of today's vast amounts of science related data: with the transition to the information age and the knowledge economy, data has become both increasingly central and critical to all activities. For example, imagine the huge amounts of genomic or patient data available electronically, and how the quality of their management can affect society.

The Data and Knowledge Management pathway allows students to take specialist themes concerned with methods and technologies for the adequate management of data and knowledge. The Managing Data theme focuses on the design, maintenance, and query processing of both structured and unstructured databases. The Learning from Data theme covers principles, algorithms, and technologies underlying machine learning, probabilistic modelling, and optimisation, while exposing students to relevant applications. The Advanced Web Technologies theme provides students with a deep understanding of the technologies that are being used to support the continuing evolution of the Web, including Semantic Web technologies.

This is a high quality course aimed at imparting advanced knowledge across a broad range of Computer Science and offering training in advanced skills. It is suitable for those who wish to enhance their computing skills in order to improve their contribution to IT-related industry or to pursue R&D in academia or industry.

For those whose first degree has a lot of computer science content, we offer two MSc courses (in Advanced Computer Science, and in Advanced Computer Science and IT Management) and an MRes course in Advanced Computer Science. Regardless of your course choice, you will be able to shape your own courses by choosing from a wide spectrum of computer science and interdisciplinary topics. If you choose the Advanced Computer Science course you can either opt to follow the standard course or to flavour your MSc by choosing a particular pathway. Pathways will enable you to graduate from the long established and highly respected ACS course together with recognition of your specialisation in your degree title.

The pathways on offer include (but not limited to):

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Security
  • Data and Knowledge Management
  • Information Management
  • Semantic Technologies

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