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19-20 October 2017

Spatial Interaction Models (SIMs) are statistical models used to predict origin-destination flows. They are widely applied within geography, planning, transportation and the social sciences to predict interactions or flows related to commuting, migration, access to services etc. They are also...

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hadron collider

Advanced Data Analytics Seminar: Probing the Nature of the Universe with Big Data at the ATLAS Experiment

31 October 2017

The Data Science Institute is pleased to welcome Dr Steven Schramm to present at the Advanced Data Analytics Seminar on 31st October 2017. Abstract: "The Large Hadron Collider is the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, allowing us to study the first nanoseconds of the lifetime of the…

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6 November 2017

The event is split up into 3 separate talks. 13:45-14:30 Interdisciplinary research and omics data: what can social scientists contribute? Professor James Nazroo, University of Manchester. The use of biological data have been considered (by some) to be crucial to understanding the significance of...

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9 November 2017

Housing shortages, pollution and sustainability, healthcare, infrastructure, creating opportunities for all – these are just some of the pressing issues facing our cities and communities. New thinking is allowing city regions to explore solutions and create smarter, more connected places that can...

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Data Science Online Festival 2017

17-18 November 2017

The Data Science Festival ONLINE is a free annual, celebration of all things data science. The ONLINE festival consists of two days of free webinars from some of the UK's leading data companies and influencers.

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Digital Health World Congress

29-30 November 2017

Digital Health World Congress 2017 is the leading technology digital healthcare conference in London, UK and Europe. The Congress serves as as forum for medtech, mobile, IoT, and IT industry events and it covers all aspects of medical and mobile technology including ehealth, mhealth, telehealth ...

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