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Clean Air for Greater Manchester

18 September 2019

We would like to invite you to the joint launch of two major capital investments in air quality research at the University of Manchester. The event, will launch the University of Manchester’s Air Quality Supersite and the Manchester Urban Observatory. Worth £2 million, these major capital...

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Data trusts workshop

23 September 2019

This workshop brings together experts in data science, public policy and property / Trust law to discuss the unique challenges inherent in designing bottom-up empowerment structures to complement existing, top-down data governance tools. While top down regulatory interventions are essential to...

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A global-local approach for detecting eQTL hotspots in ultra-high multiple response regressions

1 October 2019

We consider how to specify prior distributions for top-level scale parameters in a sparse hierarchical regression model with many predictors and many responses. Our model borrows information across responses through a parameter that captures the “propensity” of a predictor to be a hotspot...

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Deep and Multi-fidelity learning with Gaussian processes

15 October 2019

I am a Machine Learning scientist at Amazon Research, Cambridge. My research focuses on Bayesian probabilistic modeling as well as on methods for improving deep learning through knowledge transfer and uncertainty quantification. I'm particularly interested in applying my research in decision making…

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Digi health Uk

Digital Health UK: The Future of Healthcare, Digital, Data and Technology

24 October 2019

Today we live in a technology rich, digitally enabled world that has influenced many aspects of our daily lives, such as how we shop, socialise and communicate, to mention just a few. However, the health and social care services have been lagging behind in adopting and utilising healthtech and...

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Telling it like it is – the power of qualitative methods

29 October 2019

Qualitative methods are core elements of research enquiry in the social sciences, recognised as essential to both the exploration of human behaviour, and the explanation of its complexities. Yet they are less typically applied in the health, engineering and computing sciences, where statistical...

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