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20th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL)

14-16 November 2019

The 20th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL) is an annual international conference dedicated to emerging and challenging topics in intelligent data analysis, data mining and their associated learning systems and paradigms.

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1st International conference on decision support and recommender systems

21-22 November 2019

Decision making processes constantly occur in our daily lives, both at an individual, collective and large-scale societal level, or even by machines. These processes often occur amid highly dynamic, uncertain and data-pervaded scenarios, thereby becoming an increasingly complex task...

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Security Summit North

21 November 2019

Security Summit North is a new one-day cyber-security conference taking place at Manchester Hall on 21st November 2019. Security Summit North will address the most topical issues in cyber-security and delegates will leave with extensive knowledge of how to implement more stringent security....

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4th International Conference on Administrative Data Research

9-11 December 2019

The use of administrative data and the ability to link records at an individual level to produce empirically based insights, serves to effect positive change for public good through evidence based policy making. The increasing availability of government data for research is an important trend...

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Data science and historical texts: modelling meaning change from Ancient Greek to web archives

25 February 2020

Over time, new words enter the language, others become obsolete, and existing words acquire new meanings. In Old English thing meant ‘a public assembly’ and now means more generally ‘entity’; chill originally meant ‘to cool’ and has metaphorically been extended to ‘to relax’...

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