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Seminar: Data science and historical texts: modelling meaning change from Ancient Greek to web archives

25 February 2020

Over time, new words enter the language, others become obsolete, and existing words acquire new meanings. In Old English thing meant ‘a public assembly’ and now means more generally ‘entity’; chill originally meant ‘to cool’ and has metaphorically been extended to ‘to relax’...

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Seminar: Telling it like it is – the power of qualitative methods

24 March 2020

Qualitative methods are core elements of research enquiry in the social sciences, recognised as essential to both the exploration of human behaviour, and the explanation of its complexities. Yet they are less typically applied in the health, engineering and computing sciences, where statistical...

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Turing Presents: AI UK

24-25 March 2020

The Alan Turing Institute continues to pursue its ambitious goals: by advancing world-class research in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), training and inspiring the leaders of the future, and shaping the public conversation.For the first time a dynamic, two-day event will see the...

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Advances in Data Science Seminar: Marta Soares (York)

21 April 2020

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