AI-Driven Healthcare Systems

Time: 14:00-15:00

Venue: Kanaris Lecture Theatre

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Intelligent healthcare systems based on AI are now feasible, with Oxford contributions to the field including the world's first FDA-approved physiological monitoring systems based on machine learning, and research outputs that are now used to care for over 20,000 patients every month in the NHS.  This talk focuses on AI-based methods that are being translated into healthcare practice, and highlights systems under development between UK and China in this increasingly active area - including interventions based on wearable sensors, electronic hospital systems, and -omic biomarkers.

Professor Clifton is with the Department of Engineering Science of the University of Oxford. He is a Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and leads the Computational Health Informatics (CHI) Laboratory, which focuses on creating healthcare interventions based on AI. A graduate of Oxford's Department of Engineering Science, Prof. Clifton trained in information engineering; his research focuses on the development of machine learning for tracking the health of complex systems, with an emphasis on healthcare technologies that are deployed within the UK National Health Service. Prof. Clifton's research has been awarded 21 scholarships and prizes, including a Grand Challenge award from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which is a personal award that provides long-term strategic support for nine "future leaders in healthcare". In 2017, his lab of 27 researchers opened a second site in China, with support from the Chinese government.