CogX 2018- Call For Papers, Demos & Emerging Ideas

Venue: Tobacco Dock, London

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The Turing has partnered with CogX to showcase research, demos and emerging ideas in a TED style speaker format in 18 minute slots on the Turing stage on Monday 11 June.

This is a unique opportunity to inspire and educate industry, government and academic guests at CogX, The Festival of All Things AI.

Papers: Showcase research that advances the impact of AI on industry, government and society as well as taking a deep dive into the cutting edge technologies. See the scientific problem areas listed below/attached.

To apply: Email with the following: Name, University, 100 word bio, 250 word synopsis by Monday 4th June 2018 midnight.

Scientific Problem Areas

• Automating data wrangling Finding ways to automate the lengthy process spent preparing data for analysis
• Building in good behaviour Preventing misuse of data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence
• Causation - Using and analysing data in order to confidently infer causal relationships
• Democratising data science - Empowering citizens to access, understand and exploit the world’s data
• Deriving value from increasing data availability - Improving the ways in which we collect and analyse data
• Design and development of data visualisations - Effectively and efficiently convey information to varying audiences
• Finding structure in data - Discover and disentangle the hidden factors underlying observed data
• Heterogeneity - Merging multiple sources of data
• Identity & anonymity- Using data while protecting privacy
• Incorporating human expertise - Merging human knowledge with data-driven machine learning and AI systems
• Missingness - Understanding how to analyse incomplete datasets
• Robustness & verification of systems - Eradicating failures within interacting systems
• Scalability - Optimising algorithmic and system performance for bigger and more complex datasets
• Software infrastructure - Design and develop data science tooling
• Theoretical foundations - Understanding and building on the most effective methods across data science to produce the next generation of techniques
• Transparency - Explainability in algorithmic decision making

About CogX: CogX is the Festival of AI - June 11th and 12th in London. In partnership with the Financial Times and SoftBank Investment Advisers, CogX 2018 will bring together 4,000 attendees and 300 speakers across 6 main stages. The event focuses on the impact of AI on industry, government and society as well as taking a deep dive into the cutting edge technologies and provides a stage dedicated to the practical advice on how to get from Lab to Live and a stage to dig into the ethical considerations. This is a unique opportunity to educate, entertain, and inspire leaders to think about adopting AI responsibly. There is an expo village of over 100 companies including Accenture, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, BT, Nasa, NVIDIA and startups like and Graphcore. Speakers include: Antoine Blondeau, Sentient Technologies, Frank Chen, Andreessen Horowitz, Kay Firth-Butterfield, World Economic Forum, Rene Haas, President Arm, Matt Hancock, Secretary Of State For Digital, Culture, Media. The two-day event will be livestreamed and there will be over 50 media outlets in attendance, including CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and BBC.