Formulation 4.0: Putting the digital into formulation

Venue: Burlington House, London, UK

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Industry 4.0 is already here and changing the formulating industry, at Formulation 4.0 you will hear firsthand from pioneers in the field.

You will hear about how the UK is leading the way with major collaborative activities well supported by academic, industrial and government resources and how individual companies are leveling the playfield through taking advantage of the new technologies.

The UK is leading the way in the application of Industry 4.0 to formulation and at Formulation 4.0 you will get an in depth insight into 2 of the leading programmes currently underway, as well as the view of different industry players involved.

The EPSRC Connected Everything: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age is aimed at providing the tools which will enable Industry 4.0.  Professor David Brown will introduce us to this aspirational project and some of the tools that may enable Formulation 4.0 for your processes and plants.

CAFE4DM - the Unilever / The University of Manchester led Prosperity Partnership is pioneering the application of digital manufacturing techniques in formulated products.  Professor Phil Martin will tell us about how the Centre in Advanced Fluid Engineering for Digital Manufacturing (CAFE4DM) is revolutionising the traditional chemical engineering approaches which have been used to incrementally improve the manufacture of formulate products, through the development of new academic and industrial approaches.

CPI is also leading the way with the universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Leeds with the ambitious development of a major facility to enhance manufacture of formulated liquid products.  Katharina Roettger will explain how the facility will enable companies to innovate in the complex area of manufacturing new multi-component formulations, without having to disrupt their current manufacturing until new formulations have been optimised. A key part of this facility will be the advanced process control needed to enable digital manufacuring, Simon Mazier from Perceptive Engineering will talk about how such control allows realtime control of product quality attributes.  Dave Berry from CPI will explain how the learning from liquid product manufacture is to be applied in a new flexible powder manufacturing system.