Forum on Data Analytics and Innovation at MIOIR

Time: 14.00-16.00

Venue: The University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The 3rd Manchester International Forum on Data Analytics and Innovation will be held 4 September 2018 (starting 14h) through to 6 September 2018 (ending 16h) at the University of Manchester, just ahead of the XVI International Triple Helix Conference (see next item).

The Forum brings together active users of data science, tech mining, modelling and visualization methods who are applying these methods to science and innovation policy, technology transfer, technology intelligence, and technology and innovation management. The first afternoon offers hands-on training for both new and advanced users, while the second day will feature state-of-the art research presentations. An open submission process for those wishing to present will be announced soon. The Forum is organized by the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research in conjunction with the Innovation Co-Lab, the VP Institute, and Search Technology.

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