​Google's TensorFlow: not just for Deep Learning?

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Venue: Kanaris Lecture Theatre, Manchester Museum

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Speaker: Dr James Hensman (Lancaster University) 

The University of Manchester Data Science Institute invites you to the next Advanced Data Analytics seminar led by Dr James Hensman from Lancaster University who will present 'Google's TensorFlow: not just for Deep Learning?'. Please note that this seminar will take place at the usual time of 14:00.

In this talk James will give an introduction to Google's TensorFlow framework, and describe how it can be used to build statistical models beyond neural networks. By way of example, he will talk about GPflow, a Gaussian process framework that uses TensorFlow for computation. James will describe how some of his research has enabled the computation of Gaussian processes in a distributed manner, and how GPflow has enabled a tenfold speed-up by moving some computations to the GPU.

Light refreshments will be provided. To register your place please click the link below.