Introduction to Data Analysis 1

Time: 10am - 4.30

Venue: The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, Humanities Bridgeford St Building, M13 9PL

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Date: 5 October 2017
Time:10am - 4.30
Instructor: Jen Buckley 
Level: Introductory
Fee: £195 (£140 for those from educational, government and charitable institutions). 


This course provides an introduction to the theory and methods of quantitative data analysis, focusing on the social survey. It has an emphasis on hands-on learning, with a series of practical sessions using the statistical software package SPSS to explore data from the British Social Attitudes survey. 


The course will:

  • Introduce participants to survey data as a key quantitative resource for social science research;
  • Introduce the structure and properties of survey data and consider the process by which variables in a dataset are derived;
  • Explain the distinction between interval and discrete variables;
  • Consider strategies for exploratory data analysis including methods for describing and summarising variable distributions;
  • Provide participants with a conceptual understanding of the stages involved in exploring the relationship between variables;
  • Provide essential skills of data manipulation including selecting sub-sets and recoding;
  • Introduce the visual representation of variables in scatter graphs, bar charts and histograms.

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