The Continuous Improvement Programme has been developed in an alliance which brings together BT’s proven operational experience of delivering enterprise-wide transformation, with Alliance Manchester Business School’s original thinking.

Our collaborative team have designed a truly adaptable improvement programme that links both change and project management and is applicable to any industry or sector.

The format allows participants to become immersed in new ideas and approaches, with minimal disruption to their day-to-day roles and will equip them with the skills and tools to effectively deliver what is needed for a culture of continuous improvement within an organisation. It enables delegates to understand what their customers really value and get the people around them engaged in making positive change happen every day.

Designed to reflect and embrace the way people learn best, the Continuous Improvement Programme provides a series of short informative sessions, practical group work, and one-to-one coaching in order to help those taking part focus on applying their learning to their organisation’s challenges.

Each programme that our team delivers is unique. We take the proven Continuous Improvement framework and work with you to adapt it to your organisations issues and challenges.

We want to empower people to make change happen in their own space. Creating a bottom-up approach that runs from team-based continuous improvement up through business unit change to major transformational activity.

The programme has three main aims: to help delegates understand what customers really want and value; give them the power to make changes; and help organisations to achieve their financial goals

— Shahzad Saleem, Group Transformation MD, BT.