At the University of Manchester, you don't just need to create a bespoke course to get bespoke service. All of our programmes are customised to help you achieve a return on your investment. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, our experts will work in partnership with you to define your exact learning journey and ensure that, whichever programme you choose, the content reflects your industry, your challenges and your individual or organisational goals.


Co-create your programme

Bespoke training solutions | We recognise that what works for one organisation does not necessarily work for another

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Adapt a course

Tailored core programmes | We are able to adapt any of these to meet your exact business needs

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Corporate Partnerships

Strategic Talent Partnerships | Collaborate with us for access to a portfolio of expert resources

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Understanding UK business

Open and customised programmes | We work with overseas clients to gain insight into doing business in the UK

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