Co-create your programme

The Process

When we create a bespoke course, we work closely with our clients to get to the heart of your business. By leading with your issues and challenges and not our academic content, we make sure that we address the root cause, not just the symptoms. Before we develop a proposal, we get a thorough understanding from you of how your organisation works and what you’re trying to achieve. We then work together to find the best way to apply our knowledge and experience to help boost your business performance.

Everything is designed in close collaboration with you and delivered by experts with up-to-date knowledge of your industry or sector. We see our relationship with our clients as a collaborative learning journey, using our expertise to create a programme that exactly meets your staff development needs.

Our programmes are designed to reflect delegates’ varied learning styles and academic backgrounds. We have developed a range of approaches for delivering our courses – from interactive workshops and student-led seminars to our own virtual learning environment – and choose the most appropriate methods to ensure your delegates and your organisation get the most from your Alliance MBS experience.