EPSRC Invitation for proposals Update

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Responsible Natural Language Processing for Intelligent Interfaces

Issue Date: 8th July 2019

Opening Date: 29th July 2019

Closing Date: 29th September 2019, 16:00

A future call for proposals for Natural Language Processing is planned for July 2019. This call recognises that many of the challenges addressed by the natural language processing are collaborative in nature, drawing upon expertise from a range of techniques including, but not limited to, machine learning, semantic techniques, reasoning, statistical analysis and the social sciences. In order to contribute a step change in this area, proposals must contain a new collaboration with one or more interdisciplinary partner (academic or industrial).

This call also encourages a responsible innovation approach in this research area, ensuring the benefits of intelligent technologies can be realised for the UK. 

The ICT Theme intends to launch a call for ‘Natural Language Processing’ in July 2019. It is anticipated that a budget of up to £4 million will be available to support a range of novel research projects in natural language processing, with a particular focus on areas of research which support advances in the development of intelligent interfaces and data science.

The ICT Theme is looking to support research that has a strong focus on Responsible Innovation, fostering new collaborations with other discipline areas, industry or end users to anticipate and react to potential impacts (social, ethical, economic or otherwise) of the research.

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  1. Novel NLP research
  2. A new collaborative partnership with one or more partners not previously worked with
  3. Details of the Responsible Innovation considerations

The size of the grant available is flexible and applications for feasibility studies to explore new collaborations will be considered within this call. Equipment over £10,000 in value (incl. VAT) will not be available through this call.

Once full proposals are submitted they will go directly to postal peer review before being progressed to a prioritisation panel if reviews are sufficiently supportive. Full guidance of the full proposals will be provided, together with details of the assessment process, in the call document.

Please note the opening and closing date of the call are estimates and will be updated when the call is opened.

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