"Urban Data, Inequality and Justice in the Global South" Case Studies

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A new collection of nine case studies has just been published from the “Urban Data, Inequality and Justice in the Global South” project: https://www.gdi.manchester.ac.uk/research/publications/di/

Drawn from Asia, Africa and Latin America, the cases investigate the impact of new digital datasets and dataflows in cities.  Together, they build the evidence base on “data justice” – who wins and who loses, the relationship to power and inequality from this datafication – particularly for those already marginalised in the physical city.

Conclusions are drawn from datafications including community mapping, social media, CCTV, 360-degree imaging and ID schemes.  Alongside increasing resistance to datafication and constraining impacts of wider social structure, we also find new hopes, imaginaries and relations brought into being.

We thank the University of Manchester’s Sustainable Consumption Institute and the International Development Research Centre for their financial support for the project.

Richard Heeks & James Evans (University of Manchester), Mark Graham (University of Oxford), Linnet Taylor (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society)