BBC Internship opportunity: AI-assisted Dynamic Images for Responsive Web Design


The Data Science Institute is pleased to announce that BBC News has a new internship position available for UoM PhD candidates. Please see below the Project Brief for the internships:

BBC Internship opportunity: AI-assisted Dynamic Images for Responsive Web Design 

BBC R&D are seeking a Web Development intern for a project aiming to use AI techniques to dynamically reframe images, and understand which parts of an image are safe to overlay with text. The internship will last for three months (commending in September/October), be based at MediaCityUK in Salford, and have a stipend of £1500/month. 

Applicants must have permission to work in the UK, and be able to take an interruption to their studies (if applicable) in order to complete the internship.

To apply, please email with a 2 page CV and a short description (one page or less) of how your skills and experience are relevant to the project goals.

Project description

Recent work on the AI Production in R&D has demonstrated that we can analyse images to produce interesting metadata about them, and that we can produce algorithms which can dynamically frame images according to aesthetic criteria.  As well as being useful for TV production, these approaches may apply in non-video situations (such as responsive web design) by allowing designers to take the content of images into consideration when producing designs.  Also, this could enable the deferral of some design choices to the moment a page is rendered in the browser, taking into account more client context.

The project will investigate whether automated understanding of the content of images could free designers to produce more engaging designs. It would investigate one or both of the following approaches:

  • Develop a prototype responsive website that can change the framing of an image to be appropriate for the size on the screen.
  • Develop an algorithm that can overlay text upon images without visual disruption by automatically marking areas of the image as safe to overlay, by modelling image salience.

BBC Sport are directly interested in using the outcomes from this research to improve their products.

Required Skills

  • Programming (Javascript/Python)
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Image analysis (desirable)