Request for Expressions of Interest: Defining a Data Ecosystem


Duration: 18 months, October 2019 - March 2021

Budget: £49, 000

Deadline: 26th July 2019

We request expressions of interest (one brief paragraph on the nature of your expertise in the area) for the ‘Defining a Data Ecosystem’ project.

A Data Ecosystem can be thought of as an environment that exists to ensure that data is not simply part of a single specific solution but a resource that has many potential uses and whereby the impedance to its reuse is minimised. However, at present this is no more than a poorly defined concept. Work is therefore required to flesh out a workable definition and description as well as to identify the challenges to its realisation.

The Data Ecosystem should be able to address or manage all the factors that currently impede good and efficient Data Science including:
• Lack of design methodologies for reuse, and recognition of data bias
• Poor data quality
• Poor data description and understanding (e.g. poor metadata definition or application)
• Lack of engineering methods for data manipulation and conflation
• Issues related to the need to keep data secure for reasons such as privacy and commercial or national interests.
• Ethical use of data

The approach is expected to comprise some form of literature review of existing issues that can affect data creation, maintenance, conflation and reuse, and means to overcome these issues followed by a synthesis of what has been learnt in the definition and description of a Data Ecosystem. The challenges to its realisation should be identified and, optionally, the means to overcome these challenges identified.

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