The Networked Data Lab


This programme is open for applications until 13 December 2019.

A collaborative network of analytical teams across the UK who will work together using linked datasets on key issues facing health and care services today.

  • The Networked Data Lab will provide national and local health system leaders with insights from data to take action in order to improve the UK’s health and care 
  • It will also help create an active community of data analysts working together on shared challenges, and will promote the use of analytics in improving health and social care 
  • We’re looking for three local data teams to partner with us, with an initial investment of up to £400,000 per site over two years 
  • We are accepting expressions of interest from local data teams until 13 December

The Networked Data Lab is a new collaborative network of advanced analytical teams across the UK who will work together on shared challenges and promote the use of analytics in improving health and social care.   

We are seeking expressions of interest from potential partners from across the UK who have already created a linked dataset across health and social care.  We are especially interested in teams that are embedded in their health and care service and have established relationships with local decision makers and other local stakeholders.  

Each partner in the Networked Data Lab will receive an initial investment of up to £400,000 over two years to use rich linked datasets from across health and social care to build knowledge. This knowledge will generate key insights that will deepen understanding of the factors affecting people’s health.  

The first national network of its kind, the Networked Data Lab will engage with patients and the public from the start to inform its analysis, ensuring that data is used in a legitimate and transparent way.  

As we progress together, the Networked Data Lab will provide local and national health system leaders with insights from the data. This would equip them to take action in order to improve the UK’s health and care systems - including addressing widening health inequalities, alongside the challenges presented by social care provision and the social determinants of health.  

The Networked Data Lab will also carry out data stewardship activities, and will create open source tools for the wider analytics community to use. 

How to apply

Applicants will need to download and fill in our Expression of Interest form. We also recommend that you read our Partner specification document, and our Overview of the Networked Data Lab, both of which contain important information.

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