Data Analytics FY17/18: Invitation to Participate


Closing Date for Registration: 8th September 2017

The University of Manchester has become a supplier for the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory and it is now possible to tender for research contracts with this funder. 

The FY17-18 Data Science (DS) project sits under the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) sponsored Information Systems (IS) programme. The DS  project forms the backbone of the information and intelligence (i2) processing  theme, and will deliver research and advice on  a number of distinct technologies  to MOD stakeholders. These technologies include: text processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, association and fusion and management of uncertainty.

There are a number of work package streams within DS which aim to deliver these technology themes: Management of Uncertainty, Automation of Unstructured Data Processing, Associate and Fusion, Predictive Analytics, Data Science Innovation and  Exploitation  of Largescale Data Processing and OSINT. These work packages were selected as they represent reusable terminology across our stakeholders on their journey from data to user. The projects work package and research activities focus on underpinning data science research in order to deliver tools, techniques, and processes, designed to inform future Direct Process Disseminate (DPD) capabilities across Defence.

This RCA focuses on  Association and Fusion (AFF) and Automation of Unstructured Data Processing (AUTO)  work only. Within each of the Sections of the RCA the requirements from each of the WPs have been split in to ‘Lots’, with the premise that contractors can bid on one or more lots should they choose to.

Further information on Data Analytics FY17/18 is available here. The covering letter provides some important information for potential bidders. 

If you would like to get involved, please confirm you interest by emailing no later than 8th September 2017.