Philips and SURFsara Team Up To Provide Hospitals With 'Big Data' Research Services

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Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG; AEX: PHIA) and SURFsara (a subsidiary of the SURF cooperation), the leading Dutch high-performance supercomputing and data infrastructure provider for education and academic research, announced a new collaboration with the aim to connect the Philips HealthSuite cloud platform to the SURFsara National Research Infrastructure to provide new cloud-based research services.

The services will specifically support research into precision medicine and population health. An example are new targeted therapies for colon, prostate or breast cancer that require bringing together massive amounts of data from medical scanners, tissue biopsies, lab results and genomics over long periods of time to generate deep and comprehensive views on a patient’s individual situation. Studies into population health need to combine extremely large health data sets of large groups of people. These are analysed to find even the smallest correlations and patterns that could eventually lead to new approaches to enable early intervention and improve treatments.

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