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Deadline: 11th March 2018

The next ATI Data Study Group will be held at the Alan Turing Institute from 16 to 20 April 2018. Please APPLY HERE

Data Study Groups bring together researchers, data practitioners, and industry representatives from leading organisations to work together on data science challenges posed by partner organisations in multi-disciplinary teams, enabling researchers to build collaborations and work with real-world industry datasets.

In April, ATI will host the following challenges, curated in collaboration with Accenture, and selecting from their broad range of clients:

  • Fairness in algorithmic decision making (Accenture)
  • Monitoring online violence against high profile individuals (Amnesty International)
  • Understanding and predicting the development of vulnerable children for an international NGO (Plan International)
  • Machine learning for predicting and mitigating operational risk (provided by a global bank)
  • Improving models of customer behaviour and loyalty with fine scale customer usage data (provided by a broadcast media company)
  • Predicting speech and language recovery post-stroke (PLORAS project, UCL)

The application form asks for your technical experience and your experience working in collaborative groups. ATI have a very wide definition of both so please be creative in your answers. If you think you can help their partners to answer these important questions, get in touch with them!

For more information please visit http://bit.ly/2BO0S5y. 

The Institute will cover travel expenses (up to £200) and accommodation, and provide food and drink throughout the week.

The Alan Turing Institute is committed to increasing the representation of female, black and minority ethnic, LGBTQ+, disabled and neuroatypical researchers in data science. We believe the best solutions to challenges result when a diverse team work together to share and benefit from the different facets of their experience. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Dr Kirstie Whitaker atkwhitaker@turing.ac.uk, particularly if you are unsure about your qualifications or suitability for membership of the Data Study Group.