Mobilising Data 2019

Time: 9:30 - 16.30

Venue: Park Plaza Hotel Boar Lane City Square Leeds LS1 5NS

Sorry, this event has now ended.

On March 25th the N8 Policing Research Partnership’s Data Analytics Strand will host a Mobilising Data Un-conference in Leeds. This event brings together police practitioners, university researchers and ‘data’ experts to discuss data, research and policy priorities, data science, and technological capacity. 

Professor Gloria Laycock OBE will set the scene by asking why are we here?, what are we aiming to do? and what does the future hold?

The ‘un-conference’ begins with the priorities, this event is for active participation only and everyone will set the priorities for the workshop by sharing their challenges with the group, who can then vote on the challenge they want to work on or feel most equipped to help with.

The afternoon session is where the planning takes place, ‘Future Backwards’ workshop technique to explore potential future scenarios and the actions we could take to get there.

The actions follow with ‘What could you do tomorrow?’ attendees will be asked to think about the actions they can do tomorrow to get them towards favourable outcomes identified in the Future Backwards session.

The day will be facilitated by experts from the ODI (Open Data Institute) the aim is that everybody wins via the coproduction of better evidence-based policing and more impactful university research. Put simply, it’s a police-datathon.

But what about after the un-conference?

The N8 PRP Data Analytics Digital Service is available to assist in formalising research proposals and process data requests. Support in identifying potential funding streams for future research collaboration.