The IBM Quantam Challenge

Time: 9:00

Sorry, this event has now ended.

IBM would like to invite your staff and students to something really special: The IBM Quantum Challenge!
Are you ready to get some hands-on experience with quantum circuits on the cloud? Join us for the IBM Quantum Challenge, running from May 4 through 8, 2020. Through four levels, you'll learn the basics of quantum computing, explore the "noise" in real quantum hardware, discover how quantum cryptography started, and see how close you can come to the right answer in an optimization puzzle.
Anyone who completes all four levels will get an IBM-certified badge suitable for use on LinkedIn and elsewhere. It's sure to be a conversation starter when applying for jobs or post graduate studies!
You can learn more about the challenge in Jay Gambetta's blog entry at . Jay is an IBM Vice President and leads the IBM Research Quantum program.
The Challenge itself starts at 9 AM ET on May 4. Visit on May 4 to get going!