Turing Data Study Group - London

Venue: Alan Turing Institute, London

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Deadline to apply: Monday 22 July 2019 at 12 noon GMT.

Background: A Data Study Group is a week-long collaborative hackathon. It is a fantastic opportunity for researchers to tackle real-world data science problems, engage with industry and experience working in teams in a fast-paced environment. The event also offers participants the chance to forge new networks for future research projects. Travel, accommodation (for those not based in London) and sustenance are all covered.

Apply data science and AI techniques to energy saving schemes, real-time detection of mobile network jammers, improving correct bandwidth allocation for users, and analysing customer feedback

The data science challenges for this event are from mobile phone companies from around the world:

  • Telenor - Green Radio: Dynamic power saving configuration for mobile networks
  • Turkcell - Real-time jammer detection, identification and localization in 3G and 4G networks
  • STC - Bandwidth allocation for mobile users: a solution for rural and urban areas
  • Telus - Understanding the influences of network measures on customer perception of network reliability

Applicants are encouraged to read the Turing’s guidance on how to write a successful application.

Visit turing.ac.uk/DSGSep2019 to find out more and apply.