Health eResearch Centre

The University of Manchester is an internationally esteemed centre for research and education in population health and health sciences. Within the University sits the Health eResearch Centre; a digital health network and research centre unifying ehealth informatics work and providing data-intensive research and education across the North of England. It is one of four hubs that make up The Farr Institute, a UK-wide research collaboration, using data to advance research, health, and care of the population.

The Health eResearch Centre aims to ensure the scalability of data and information governance, whilst promoting effective collaboration and communication between researchers, academia and industry. By unifying data and technology the centre hopes to streamline the pace of progress in health data analytics and research.

The key focus is to improve health and care services for patients. Combining routinely collected clinical, social, and research data providing a blueprint for identifying more effective treatments, improving drug safety, assessing risks to public health and studying causes of disease and disabilities. By bringing together people, data, and methodology with cutting-edge informatics research and digital health technologies the University can deliver powerful innovative solutions for data-intensive healthcare.


To promote a positive image of health data and informatics research The Health eResearch Centre created a public engagement campaign #datasaveslives design to highlight the positive impact of research on public health. The campaign aims to promote the trustworthy re-use of data and help to advance research in this field. You can read more about the #datasaveslives story here. 

Key Projects