Electrical Engineering

As one of the largest electrical and electronic engineering schools in the UK, Manchester is known for our theoretical and applied research. Working closely with users of our technology enables us to address the challenges faced by manufacturing, utility, health, and non-profit organisations, and government policy makers. As a result, our research base continues to grow, develop, and adapt to better serve our industry and wider society. The page details the work being done in the following areas of research:

sensing group

Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing

The Group focuses on exploiting its broad expertise to address multidisciplinary measurement and signal-analysis problems in chemical, mechanical, electrical, security, and biological systems, and ...

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power systems

Electrical Energy and Power Systems

The Group focuses on future networks, with research into the design and operation of power-system plant, transmission networks, and smart low-carbon distribution networks, and the development of ...

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control systems

Control Systems

The Group focuses on the development and implementation of control design methods, as well as process monitoring and diagnostics, with applications in oil and gas, pulp and paper ....

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nano-technology-1486910 1920

Microelectronics and Nanostructures

The Group focuses on developing new electronic materials and advanced material structures for novel devices and circuits, with research ranging from atomic-scale measurement and simulation to ...

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comm systems

Microwave and Communication Systems

The Group focuses on multidisciplinary approaches to problems in highly mobile communications, cognitive radio, millimetre-wave and terahertz technologies, and RF and microwave components and ...

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power conversion

Power Conversion

The Group focuses on advanced electrical machines and power electronic converters using the latest devices and materials, including superconductors to provide more efficient and effective ...

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