Mechanical Engineering

Manchester ranks 4th in the UK in Engineering and Technology. The School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering has over 80 members of academic staff that are supported by dedicated administration and technical support groups and a significant proportion of our research is practically based, and funded by industry.

Innovative Manufacturing Research Theme

Research in innovative manufacturing includes: advanced welding, cutting, drilling, additive manufacturing , surface engineering, micro/nano fabrication, resource and energy efficient manufacturing. The main aim of the research is to improve manufacturing capability, productivity, energy and material efficiency, component functionality and reduce environmental impacts. Emerging areas of research include re-manufacturing, bio-manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing.

Key Researchers

Professor Paulo Bartolo

Paulo is a Chair in Advanced Manufacturing and is the Head of the Innovative Manufacturing Research Theme. His research specialisms include Cell and tissue engineering; Medical devices and assistive technologies; Additive Manufacturing; Biomanufacturing and Product Development. He is a Principal Investigator at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and is responsible for the Biomaterials core area at the Henry Royce Institute - a major UK initiative (£250M) in the field of advanced materials.



Dr Carl Diver

Carl is a lecturer at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, his work has mainly focused on Electrodischarge machining, Electrochemical machining and Hydroerosive Grinding. In 2007 he set up his own research and development consultancy and he has worked for and with some of the worlds leading multinationals in the automotive fuel injection sector. Carl has also been heavily involved in European FP7 projects and has supported proposal writing. He has a number of patents related to his EDM and ECM work.


Professor Paul Mativenga

Paul is currently a Chair in Multiscale & Sustainable Manufacturing, he develops engineering science solutions to the major challenges of resource efficiency and industrial sustainability. His research focuses on innovative manufacturing technologies and resource efficient or green manufacturing. They research and understand how we can make manufacturing industry technologically and economically competitive but operating within the boundaries of environmentally friendly manufacture.