Manchester is one of the largest and most active Schools of Physics and Astronomy in the UK, with more than 150 academic and research staff, including two Nobel Laureates. The School has research interests which cover almost all of modern physics and make extensive use of national and international research facilities such as CERN in Geneva. Researchers in the School apply Data Science methodologies (such as Machine Learning, Statistical Inference, Information Management and Image Analytics) to solve problems presented in their experimental work.

The research themes below detail how the School has used various foundations of Data Science in each topic area.


Particle Physics

Particle Physics generates a large amount of data from experiments. With the large amount of data that is generated, the group utilises a number of methods to analyse the large quantity of data...

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The University's research into Astrophysics covers a wide range of modern astrophysics. We have particular expertise in radio-mm observational astronomy but we also make observations...

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Cosmology is the study of the Universe as a whole rather than individual objects. It involved the study of the origins and ultimate fate of the Universe constrained using observations of the...

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Accelerator Physics

The Manchester Accelerator Group is involved in many aspects of accelerator physics research and participates in numerous international collaborations. The group specialises in collimator design ....

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