Accelerator Physics

The Manchester Accelerator Group is involved in many aspects of accelerator physics research and participates in numerous international collaborations. The group specialises in collimator design, cavity design, FFAG design, beam dynamics, and wakefield studies. They conduct research on high energy -colliders and light sources- through to low energy -radioactive ion beams and medical applications.The group is involved in LHC, CLIC, ILC, ATF, EMMA, CONFORM, FLASH, and NLS. The group is part of the Cockcroft Institute, and has a close relationship with the Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Groups, and with the Dalton Institute.

Key Researchers

Dr Hywel Owen

Hywel Owen has worked on particle accelerator technology for over twenty years, initially on sources of synchrotron radiation such as storage rings, ERLs and free-electron lasers, but also more recently on technologies for particle therapy that include the use of cloud computing for radiotherapy treatment plan verification. He has recently co-led a study into the design of an FFAG for proton therapy and tomography, and is presently leading a study investigating the use of superconducting magnets in particle delivery. Many aspects of Dr. Owen’s work have included the use of complex numerical optimisation and simulation methods that utilise large-scale computing. During his career Dr. Owen has also served in a number of roles including on technical advisory groups for the NHS, research councils and other advisory groups; he has recently co-authored the EU APAE report on the applications of particle accelerators and has a keen interest in their use for international development, for example being a member of the steering committee for the proposed first African Light Source project.