A brief overview of applied research across The University with specific relevance to financial and professional services.

  • Credit Risk and Market Risk: credit rating, asset pricing, risk model validation, securitization, syndicated loans, forecasting
  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain in FinTech and their impacts on the wider economy (CS, Maths, Law, SoSS)
  • Compliant and Secure Data Management in FinTech (CS, SoSS, Law)
  • Data Analytics, Machine Intelligence & Mobile Security (CS, AMBS)
  • Data mining approach to pricing decision support (AMBS, CS)
  • Equity forecasting including prediction of long term stock price movement using machine learning (CS)
  • Financial Regulation: impact of regulation on risk taking, systemic risk and financial stability, regulatory capture, market manipulation, financial crime, regulation of credit rating agencies (AMBS)
  • Behavioural Finance: estimation of preferences, risk-on / risk-off patterns, loss aversion, corporate governance, responsible investment (AMBS, Maths)
  • Data Privacy, Authentication and Transparency (CS, SoSS, AMBS)
  • Smart Contracts (CS, Law)
  • Market impacts of new technology on the Financial Sector (AMBS, SoSS)
  • Social impacts of FinTech (AMBS, SoSS)
  • Regulatory impacts of new technologies in financial services (AMBS, Law)