The Foundations of data science lie in methodology for the analysis, interpretation and organisation of complex data. Our schools of Mathematics and Computer Science carry out world-class research in computational statistics, machine learning, visual computing, advanced interfaces and information management. Another important area of data science research is around confidentiality and privacy, which are a particular focus of our the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research. Underpinning these developments is the requirement for powerful, scalable and reliable algorithms and architectures. 


Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Interested in the study of algorithms for the problems of continuous mathematics, and in the numerical simulation of physical processes.

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Confidentiality and Privacy (CAPRI)

The interdisciplinary Confidentiality and Privacy Research Group (CAPRI) comprises academics working in statistics, social science, social policy, computer science and law.

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Machine Learning and Optimisation

World-leading research into a wide range of techniques and applications of machine learning, optimisation, data mining, probabilistic modelling, pattern recognition and machine perception.

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Information Management

Looking at the design, development and use of data & knowledge management systems, how data can be accessed & visualised, and how users interact with the web and how the web interacts with them.

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Statistics and its Applications

Research is carried out in various areas of statistics, ranging from theoretical studies to applied research.

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Advanced Processor Technolgies

SpiNNaker is a novel computer architecture inspired by the working of the human brain. A SpiNNaker machine is a massively parallel computing platform, targeted towards three main areas of research.

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