Centre for Biostatistics

The Centre for Biostatistics is part of the Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care in the School of Health Sciences, in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. Staff in the Centre collaborate with clinical and scientific staff across the University in the design, implementation, analysis and reporting of health research. Members of the Centre also engage in extensive methodological research which is primarily funded by grants from the UK Medical Research Council's Methodology Research Programme and National Institute of Health Research. 

Lead Researchers:

Professor Richard Emsley

Richard is a Professor of Medical Statistics in the Centre for Biostatistics, and Deputy Director of the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre Clinical Trials Unit. His work involves the development of statistical methods for causal inference, and efficacy and mechanisms evaluation. Current applications of these methods include trials of complex interventions in mental health and trial designs and associated analysis methods in stratified medicine. Other research interests include the application of causal inference methods in pharmacoepidemiology and routinely collected datasets (eHealth). He is also a member of the MRC Health eResearch Centre, part of the Farr Institute, a co-investigator and theme lead on the MRC North West Hub for Trials Methodology Research.


Professor Carlo Berzuini

Carlo is a Professor of Bio Statistics in the Centre for Biostatistics.  His current research involves enhancing causal inference methods with an eye on the emerging demands of medical research - towards better study designs and analyses. In particular, he is researching the concepts of causative interaction and causal mediation. While interesting from a theoretical point of view, he tackles these themes with the aim of improving the study of the biological mechanisms at the basis of disease and treatment response. 

On a more applicative side, he is currently involved in biobank-based projects for biomarker-based early diagnosis and clinical prediction. An example is his recent collaboration with Cambridge experts engaged in developing biomarkers for the early detection of cancer. This collaboration has secured a HORIZON 2020 European Commission Grant for the development of new early cancer diagnostics for those at high risk. The system learns about biomarker temporal patterns that reflect the presence of pre-clinical cancer in an asymptomatic individual. 

Dr Hui Guo

Hui is a Lecturer in Biostatistics, her previous research was mainly focused on development and applications of statistical methodologies with the aim of understanding the genetics and mechanisms of common complex disease. Currently she is focused on, but not limited to, research on statistical causal inference in Genetics and prediction analysis in longitudinal studies.