The Complex Systems and Statistical Physics Group

The Complex Systems and Statistical Physics Group is part of the Theoretical Physics Division in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. Their interests focus on the application of techniques from statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics to study complex systems. They work on a wide range of topics, in particular on problems in biology, in the social sciences and in economics. This includes the modelling of horizontal gene transfer, stochastic dynamics in biological pathways, epidemic spread, problems in game theory and evolutionary dynamics, social complexity, agent-based modelling of evacuation and the analysis of time series from financial markets.

Lead Researcher:

Professor Alan McKane

Alan's research interests lie broadly in the study of complex systems, especially in the use of ideas and techniques from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and the theory of stochastic processes to model and understand them. Some of his recent research characterises the effects of intrinsic stochasticity on deterministic models, especially when amplified stochastic cycles arise (with applications in ecology, epidemiology, reaction kinetics, cellular reactions, and many other areas)