1st - 3rd April 2020 Single Units and Human iEEG Meeting (SUSHI) Birmingham
18th/25th November 2019 4th Int Workshop on Decision Making and Recommender Systems - Towards Personalised and Smarter Decisions for Enhanced Individuals' Experience in Connected Cities".  Turing/UP
14th- 16th November 2019 IDEAL conference Manchester
1st September 2019 100+ Brilliant Women in AI Ethics Conference Oxford
29th - 30th August 2019 International Workshop on Vocal Interaction in-and-between Humans, Animals and Robots (VIHAR) QMUL/Turing
27th/29th August Cambridge Networks Day Cambridge
22nd July 2019 EXPONet Dissemination workshop Enigma, Turing
9th - 12th July 2019 Digital Humanities 2019   Netherlands
9th - 12th July 2019 Change makers - hackathon to support young women in STEM Bristol
3rd - 5th July 2019 TAROS  QMUL
1st July 2019 The Effective Quadratures Workshop Enigma, Turing
27th - 29th June 2019 Workshop on SDEs and SPDEs University of Crete
24th -25th June 2019 Data & Disorder UnMEDIAated conference Oxford
19th - 21st June 2019 Research Students’ Conference in Probability and Statistics (RSC2019) Exeter
10th June 2019 XCT Fringe Event an intelligent framework EPSRC, Harwell
June 2019 Social Implications of AI in Defence and Security:  Learning Lessons from History and the Social Sciences Turing
22nd May 2019 Summit on Environmental Intelligence Exeter
20th - 21st May 2019 Advances in Data Science 2019 Manchester
20th May 2019 Pint of Science Festival London
14th - 15th May 2019 Alan Turing and Henry Royce Institutes Joint Workshop on Data Science for Materials Science and Engineering Manchester
13th - 14th May 2019 Software Citation Workshop British Library
7th - 8th May 2019 Statistical data science for Proteomics and Metabolomics Enigma, Turing
6th May 2019 Machine Learning and Data Challenges in Ransomware and the cloud Enigma, Turing
4th May 2019 Anticipating driverless futures NESTA, London
May/June 2019 Managing COPD - How can data help patients Manchester
26th April 2019 'Democracy Under Attack?' workshop Manchester
April/June 2019 Current and Future Frameworks for AI and Machine Learning: from Programming Model to Optimisation Turing/UP
April/May 2019 Statistical Trends in Personalised Healthcare Turing/UP
April-June, September-December Technology meets policy and ethics series Enigma, Turing
4th March 2019 Sharing your healthcare data safely: public views on using patients’ medical reports, letters and doctors’ notes for research? Turing
March/May 2019 Data Science for Bridging the Digital Divide and Beyond Turing
26th February 2019 Bottom Up Data Trusts Turing
February/March 2019 A Blueprint for Urban Analytics Research Newcastle Urban Sciences Department
30th January 2019 Ethical governance is essential to building Trust in Robotics and AI systems Bristol
13th December 2018 Turing Community Launch @ Cambridge Cambridge