Focused examples of Manchester's research undertaken at the Turing, within programmes or independent from them and with a range of goals and aims

Predictive Healthcare

This programme of work will focus on methodology for complex data and learning individual-level risk prediction models, and a substantive application. Health data, for example from electronic health records (EHRs) or other sources such as wearables or Internet, are subject to complex data generation…

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Patient Subgroup Discovery

This programme of work will address WP2 of UoM’s Turing application focusing on patient subgroups. The project is aligned to two Turing national priorities: to Revolutionise Healthcare; and to Supercharge Science (primarily Epidemiology). This stream will focus on methods for looking for subgroups…

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Human-Centred Systems

The relationship between health and the environment is complex and multifaceted, with physical, economic, political and behavioural factors interacting to affect physical and mental wellbeing. Studying this issue – to gain knowledge to ultimately improve health – is equally complex. Whilst…

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Digital Fingerprinting of Materials Microstructure

Being unable to describe a microstructure digitally is a major roadblock for the storage, analysis and exploitation of data across the life, materials and earth sciences. If we can establish a...

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Developing machine learning-enabled experimental design, model building and scientific discovery in particle physics

Experimental searches for 'dark matter' (DM) are challenging and time-consuming. Without compelling theoretical guidance as to the nature of DM it is critical that future searches consider all...

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