Research Programmes

Significant programmes of strategic research, typically led by a Programme Director or Directors and with involvement from industry, public sector or third sector partners.

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Public Policy

The public policy programme works alongside policy makers to explore how data-driven public service provision and policy innovation might solve long running ‘wicked’ policy problems and to develop...

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Health and medical sciences

AI and data science will improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. They will optimise the provision of services, and support health service providers to anticipate demand and...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Alan Turing first considered the question, “Can machines think?” in his seminal paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, published in 1950. Since that time, major advances in computer power...

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Data science at scale

Advances in high-performance computer architectures, and the way algorithms can take advantage of them, have been transformative for a variety of data science tasks. This scientific programme at...

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Data science for science

It is becoming easier and easier to collect large amounts of data across a broad range of research areas, and there is a growing need to understand how this can best be exploited to make new...

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Data-centric engineering

The next decade will see step changes in data-driven technology, impacting all aspects of engineering and industry. In preparation, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and The Alan Turing Institute have..

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