Finance and economics

Develop cutting-edge methods to foster financial innovation and deepen our understanding of the economy, to benefit society at large


Advancements in machine learning and AI present unprecedented opportunities for technological progress and will have a significant impact on the financial services industry, society and the wider economy.

The 'Finance and economics' programme brings together leading experts in data science, machine learning, finance and the social sciences, from both academia and industry to tackle the most challenging questions by producing world-leading research with significant impact. We inform public policy and enable trusted, research-led thought leadership.

The programme works closely with government and the industry to exploit the potential of new technologies in the financial sector and economic research, and to position the UK as the leader in these areas.

Programme challenges

We are collaborating to develop and deploy cutting-edge methodologies and techniques to:

Advance economic data science

An emerging field combining machine-learning techniques with innovative datasets to shed light on the economy, use these insights to address challenges of national and international importance and inform policymaking.

Promote the responsible adoption of AI and data science techniques in the financial services industry

Guide ethical and efficient use of data and develop tools for data-driven decision-making to improve resilience and stability of the financial system. Make financial services inclusive and responsive to the needs of businesses and individual consumers.

Drive fundamental research in AI and data science techniques to produce trustworthy algorithms that enable responsible innovation

Produce scholarly, reproducible research to build the foundations for future progress in AI innovation.

Special interest groups

In addition to the challenges above, we have set up three 'Special interest groups':

  1. Machine learning in finance
  2. Behavioural data science
  3. Sustainable finance