Manchester has a strong track record of Urban, Energy and Environment research which draws on the city of Manchester’s unique place at the epicentre of industrial capitalism, as well as its subsequent strategies to set out its post-industrial futures and respond to 21 century devolution - which will potentially bring far reaching consequences for those living in Manchester and beyond.

Our projects integrate multiple information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to manage securely a city's systems including transportation systems, health, environment and more.



CityVerve will see Manchester transform into a ‘smart city’ demonstrating the power of IoT technologies to revolutionise and improve city services across health and social care, transport and mobility

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Triangulum is a €25 million Horizon 2020 project funded by The European Comission to demonstrate cutting-edge smart city technologies.

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Living Lab

The University Living Lab is developing the University of Manchester campus as a site for applied teaching and research around sustainability and low carbon.

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Spatial Analysis

ICT and geographic information systems have given rise to many exciting projects. Examples of current projects include: location analytics: pinpointing the vital information, connections and patterns

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